Acrelec HyperView Order Confirmation System-2

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Acrelec's Hyperview 15'' POE Screen, Pedestal and Hardware Kit

Most POS System (Call in)

Customers expect nothing less than total accuracy when you deliver their order. That’s why our HyperView order confirmation kiosk is the most versatile, feature-rich solution on the market today. Not only will it improve order clarity and speed throughput, it provides dynamic display tools for suggestive selling at its best.

What's included:

15'' POE Weather Rated OCU Screen (1), Screen/Speaker Post (1), Hardware Kit Needed for Installation (1)

Compatibility: Most POS System (Call in)

Weight: 0.0 LBS


Integrates with virtually all of the industry’s point of sales systems

  • Provides order-based suggestive selling text and images triggered by key words
  • Translates compressed POS in real-time to full language descriptions (e.g. chkn to chicken)
  • Monitors status and reports on data health
  • Offers remote support capabilities (e.g. logmein or equivalent)
  • Allows for ultimate content scheduling flexibility for start and stop times, multiple day parts, day of the week, and more
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) means only conduit required and no electrician needed for installation