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HD Digital Surveillance Systems

Customized specifically for your business, Big Dog HD Digital Camera Surveillance Systems have built-in components that allow owners to protect investments, improve safety, training, and loss prevention. Big Dog HD is a high-definition camera system that has been designed to handle everything your business can throw at it while allowing users to watch a live-stream anywhere and anytime with remote access functionality. Big Dog HD Digital Surveillance Systems function as an essential tool in risk mitigation.

Big Dog HD Icons

Why Big Dog Security Camera Systems

  • Crisp, clear 1080p HD (2.1MP) live view and recording using HD-TVI
  • Uses industry standard RG59 coaxial cable to connect cameras to the DVR
  • Compact form factor DVRs and NVRs
  • (4) - (32) security camera package options available
  • 30-day minimum recording standard 
  • Remote access functionality
  • Remote enterprise management of users and systems
  • HDMI video output and HD monitor for best viewing
  • Premium 4-Amp electrical line conditioner included in complete system package
  • 2-year warranty with Complete System Package. 1-year warranty if DVR is purchased without line conditioner
  • No contracts, monthly fees, or subscriptions
  • Lifetime, free tech support

16 - Security Camera Coverage Example

Areas to Cover:

  • Drive-Thru Windows

  • Order Confirmation Units

  • POS Registers

  • Entrie Doors and Exit Doors

  • Dining Areas

  • Kitchen

  • Offices

  • Coolers and Freezers

  • Storage Areas

16-Camera Surveillance Coverage for a Drive-Thru

Available DVR Camera Systems

Big Dog Basic 4-Camera System

Big Dog HD 8-Camera System

Big Dog HD IP System

Basic Packages

As low as $995.00

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HD Packages

As low as $1,265.00

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IP Packages

As low as $3,695.00

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Video Surveillance Eliminates Fraudulent Claims

Big Dog HD Digital Video Surveillance Systems use a combination of high-quality 1080p HD security cameras with the latest technologies in Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), allowing business owners tools to aid in the discovery and elimination of fraudulent claims.

Big Dog HD Remote Access

Motion Detection:

Built-in smart technology records video only when movement is detected. Using the motion detection option increases recording storage by 42%. Multiple detection options are available including: motion, sensitivity, size of movement, and selectable areas.

Remote Access:

Big Dog Security Systems are equipped with customized software for fast and easy accessibility to live and stored video footage (on the DVR) from the comfort of your home or across the globe, from any smart phone, tablet, or computer with Internet access.

Search & Archive Video:

State of the art search features make viewing recorded footage, from the hard drive on the DVR, quick and easy. These features allow you to search by video camera, date and time with no struggle. Copy essential footage onto DVD, CD, USB flashdrive or any other external device, from the hard drive, with ease.

Alarms & Notifications:

Stay informed with alerts sent straight to your email or smart phone when system issues arise. Notifications can be sent when the system is restarted, accessed, motion is detected, or when alarms are triggered.

Video Surveillance Presence Deters Theft

A video surveillance system is a constant visual reminder to employees and customers that their actions are being watched and recorded, ultimately leading to significant reductions in overall theft. A dishonest employee can cost a singular restaurant, on average, upwards of $1,233.00 annually. Big Dog HD Digital Surveillance Cameras, acting as a constant visual security reminder, can help reduce these common losses. Thieves will be on the defense as they know they are being recorded, and with DVRs that contain large hard drives and a 30-day minimum recording, Big Dog Security Systems are essential investments for the deterrence factor alone.

Large DVR 4 gigabyte, 8 gigabyte, 16 gigabyte

Big Dog HD DVR Video Recorder

Big Dog HD Digital Surveillance Cameras

Digital Surveillance Lockbox

Video Recorders

DVRs and NVRs

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Surveillance Cameras

HD and IP

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Digital Surveillance Accessories

Monitors, Connectors and More 

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Support and Installation

Free Tech Support 24/7

Free Tech Support 24/7

Free, LIVE tech support 24/7 from the techs who assembled the equipment.

Call 800-598-2370 for help!

Nationwide Installation

Nationwide Installation

On-Site Service available for Big Dog HD Digital Surveillance System Installs.

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