Drive-Thru System

RFT Our Advantages

RFT Advantages offer many affordable options that can fit your unique business needs, these options include:

Advance Exchange
When the equipment you rely on most fails, you can count on RFT to send you equipment in advance during your time of need......

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RFT Drive-Thru Blog Sample

Founded in 1989, R.F. Technologies, Inc., strives to be the #1 authority in drive thru system sales, repairs, POS, Big Dog Surveillance systems, timers, order confirmation, digital signage, customer music entertainment and wired intercom systems. Over the years, RFT has become one of the largest independent service centers for drive thru systems in North America. Our staff consists of the most knowledgeable sales representatives, qualified technicians and skilled engineers in the industry. With over 4 million repairs credited to its name, no other service center or equipment supplier can provide the experience of the staff at R.F. Technologies, Inc. Our commitment to drive thru innovation and our obligation to fill the demand for reliable repairs has helped us to expand in all fields pertaining to drive thru communications, including replacement parts, POS, and digital surveillance systems. As RFT continues to expand, we pledge to consistently provide the highest quality equipment parts and service, and continue to research and offer products that are in the forefront of technology.

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