Chick-fil-A Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs

Drive-Thru repairs


At R.F. Technologies, Inc. we understand that you are a partner with Chick-fil-A and not just an owner/operator. As one of the chosen few, we know expectations are high for you to meet or exceed metrics in quality, customer engagement, speed of service, and your controllable variables. And since 70% or more of your revenue comes from your drive-thru, we know that you cannot be without the headsets and systems you rely on to make all of this happen.

It’s simple — R.F. Technologies Inc. would like to be your partner for drive-thru equipment repairs. We’re able to service all makes and models of headsets, belt packs, battery chargers, base stations, printers and much more. Our 4-month parts & labor warranty,  35-point inspection on all repairs, and 30 years of experence guarantees you the highest-quality service in the industry. We also provide you free inbound shipping — you can easily print your labels online, too! Sending us your drive-thru repairs is easy as 1-2-3. And because we know how much it means to have your equipment in working order, we repair and ship back to you the same day we receive it! What are you waiting for?


RF’s Monthly Maintenance Program is designed for locations desiring comprehensive maintenance coverage for drive-thru systems utilizing up to 10-headsets. These programs can be customized with options for timer coverage and additional equipment as needed. You will work with a dedicated Drive-thru Consatant that will help you find the best option for your needs.  


  • Unlimited Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs

  • Free Inbound and Outbound Shipping in the U.S. can save you $100's

  • Choose the Monthly Maintenance program that best fits the specific needs of your restaurant for all of your drive-thru equipment repairs.

  • We repair your broken drive-thru equipment the same day that we receive it

  • Free Live Technical Support by the same technicians who repaired your equipment, 24/7

  • Call or Text RF today at 847-495-7400 for details and pricing!

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Call or Text RF today at 847-495-7400 for details and pricing!