Trade-In and Trade-Up for Panasonic Attune II HD3

$100 off the New HD3 Headset when you trade-in older Attune equipment!

We're running a special limited-time Trade-In/Trade-Up offer* aimed squarely at YOU! For every Panasonic 3050 Headset. 3020 Belt Pack, 450 Headset, or 420 Belt Pack you trade-in, we'll give you $100 credit toward the purchase of the new Panasonic Attune II HD3 Headset. Not only will you have the best headset available today, but you'll also have piece of mind knowing your new HD3s carry a 2-Year Warranty.

  1. Trade-In your approved Panasonic headset/belt pack
  2. Trade-Up to your new HD3 with a $100 credit toward its purchase
  3. Take Advantage of the newest and clearest technology in the industry

To make this offer even better, we'll accept your broken 3050 Headsets, 3020 Belt Packs, 450 Headsets, or 420 Belt Packs and give you that same $100 credit. Sweet!

What are you waiting for?! This is a limited-time offer so send in those headsets today and see what all the HD3 hype is about!

Quickly fill out the form on the left or call 800-598-2370 to get started today!

*Offer good through Juky 31, 2018. One $100 credit per new HD3 headset purchased. 

Ease of Integration

  • Mix and match with legacy Panasonic headsets

  • For use with Center Module models WX-C3010, WX-CC411, WXCC411A, WX-CC412, WX-CC412A

  • Backwards compatible with Panasonic battery chargers

  • 30 preprogrammed greeter messages

  • Light identifier for dual lane and talk lock

  • New colored designation tags

  • Micro USB programming

Panasonic Attune II HD3 is Here!

Introducing the first product in our new HD Voice family - the brand new Panasonic Attune II HD3. This headset features an all-new three-mic-array to actively cancel ambient noise while simultaneously enhancing voice clarity. Combine this with the digital noise reduction (DNR) in the latest software release for the WX-CC411/412 (Attune II Base Station) for even more fidelity with both inbound and outbound audio.

Clearest Voice in the Market

  • NEW Three-Mic Array actively cancels unwanted ambient noise

    • 1st Mic: listens to the crew member

    • 2nd Mic: listens for burst noises

    • 3rd Mic: listens to the surrounding noises

  • Three-Mic Array DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) offers the clearest possible voice clarity

  • Increased order accuracy and throughput in the drive-thru

New Updated Design

  • About the weight of a deck of playing cards (under 100g)
  • Ergonomically designed for all day comfort
New Headband
  • Designed to break away from the housing to protect the radio case
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Black and discreet allowing the band to be less noticeable to the customer

    New Rubber Ear Pads
    • Easily washed and disinfected between shifts
    • Easily removable
    • Longer lasting

    Fewer Buttons

    • Simple button design
    • Tactile button feedback
    • Shorter learning curve for crew

    Panasonic Attune II HD3 Headset

    Panasonic Attune II HD3


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