LRS Multi-Touch Transmitter

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Portable guest paging transmitter for table management.

All LRS Pagers

The new T9560MT transmitter is an affordable component of a complete LRS guest paging solution. Used by staff to instantly notify waiting guests, the T9560MT quietly alerts guests holding an LRS pager when service is ready, providing customers peace of mind. The portable, wireless transmitter can contact guests via any LRS pager and send instant, customized messages with the touch of a button. This low-cost transmitter makes instant notification feasible for the largest, and even the smallest facilities.

LRS’ T9560MT transmitter is a simple and affordable guest notification device. When you know your messages are delivered instantly, you’re improving productivity and, more importantly, the guest experience.

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What's included:

(1) Transmitter, (1) Power Supply, (1) Internal Battery

Product Type: Accessories

Compatibility: All LRS Pagers


Economically priced and easy to use. Can operate on a 220V battery as well as a power supply. Up to 1 week battery life on a single charge. Splash-Proof design for easy cleaning. Vibrate, flash, beep and glow alert modes. Tamper-Proof design